Secrets on Finding Your Feline Friend: a complete guide.

November 15, 2023

12:18 pm

     In the feline world, each furry ball of joy comes with its own unique charm. Whether you’re a seasoned cat owner or embarking on this delightful journey for the first time, choosing the right kitten is a pivotal step toward a lifetime of companionship. Let’s embark on this feline adventure together, exploring the considerations that ensure you find the purrfect match. 

how to choose the right kitten

First of all, begin your journey into the world of kitten companionship by reflecting on your lifestyle and preferences. Different breeds boast distinct personalities and energy levels. Are you in search of a playful and energetic companion, or does a laid-back cuddle buddy better suit your desires? Consider vital factors such as living space, family dynamics, and your daily routine to align with a kitten that complements your unique lifestyle.

If your work demands a significant portion of your time and you often return home exhausted, winding down becomes crucial. Opting for a high-energy breed like the Bengal may not be the ideal choice, given their active, wild-like nature. On the other hand, if you seek an energy boost and some post-work fun, selecting a breed known for its cuddliness is essential. However, be cautious—mistakes might lead you to end up with a seemingly immovable, overly relaxed companion.


While educating yourself on breeds, temperament, and character is crucial, it’s essential to understand that general breed descriptions may not perfectly align with every individual kitten. Each kitten possesses a unique character, potentially deviating from any breed standard. Therefore, engaging in a conversation with the breeder and specifying your preferences is vital to ensure a precise match.

Moreover, it’s unfair to both you and the kitten if its natural inclination is to play and socialize when you’re ready to retire for the night. Effective communication with the breeder about your daily rhythms and expectations ensures a harmonious match between your lifestyle and your new feline friend’s character. After all, a well-informed decision in selecting your kitten lays the foundation for a fulfilling and lasting companionship.

 Age matter!!! Age plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting a feline companion. Picking a kitten is not as straightforward as it may seem. Young kittens, much like energetic toddlers, demand more attention compared to their older counterparts or retired queens from the cattery. If you’re elderly, opting for an older cat might be a better fit, given their established behavior and lower activity levels. Conversely, younger kittens bring their own set of challenges.

kitten guideOlder cats come with a set routine, established diet, and manners, which can be both an advantage and a hurdle. Patience is key if you wish to modify certain aspects of their behavior. It may take a while for older kittens or mature cats to adjust and feel comfortable in a new environment, but with gentle determination, the transition can be smooth.

On the other hand, younger kittens, typically around three months old, require a different kind of patience. Prepare to engage in some light-hearted chasing as they explore their surroundings. Childproofing your home becomes essential to prevent mishaps like chewing on window sills or attempting to scale curtains. Acquiring a new kitten is akin to bringing a new child into your household. Creating a safe space, such as a bedroom or playpen, is vital for times when you’re not at home.

It’s worth noting that kittens, regardless of age, undergo an adjustment period, and some may experience stress-related issues due to the change. These can manifest as diarrhea, sneezing, or, in rare cases, respiratory illnesses. However, with proper care and attention, these issues can be addressed. In choosing your new feline friend, consider the age-related aspects and be prepared for the unique responsibilities that come with each stage of their development.

 Where to Find Your Kitten:  Consider exploring adoption options from local shelters and rescue organizations, where numerous kittens eagerly await loving homes, providing you with the opportunity to make a positive impact on a furry friend’s life. While it may require patience, rescuing purebred cats and kittens is also possible, and the reward is well worth the wait, especially in terms of the price tag.

Many individuals lean towards registered breeders when seeking a specific breed, anticipating their perfect kitten. When engaging with a breeder, it becomes essential to ask a series of questions for a more informed decision. However, delving into the specifics of breeder inquiries will be the focus of another discussion.

  Temperament and Socialization:

  Take the time to observe the kitten’s behavior during your visit. While asking to see a kitten in person is a positive step, it may not provide a complete picture of its personality, especially if you’ve chosen to go with a breeder. Many breeders have restrictions on seeing kittens younger than 2-2.5 months due to the safety and well-being of the feline family.

cute kittens near me Typically, kittens receive their first vaccinations around 7-10 weeks of age, and professional breeders may deny access before this time. If you decide to visit when the kitten is around 3 months old, it’s important to understand that the cat is now aware of its surroundings and recognizes you as a stranger. In most cases, the kitten may not reveal its full personality and beauty during these visits.

For a more accurate understanding of the kitten’s behavior, consider requesting a virtual interaction, like a FaceTime session. This way, you can observe how the kitten interacts with its siblings, other cats, or even the breeder. The breeder, being intimately involved in the kittens’ care 24/7, is the best person to offer insights into their character and temperament. Keep in mind that being a breeder is a full-time, around-the-clock job with no weekends.


   In concluding your quest for the ideal feline companion, remember that choosing the right kitten is a unique journey of discovery and connection. By thoughtfully considering factors such as lifestyle, age, source, health, and temperament, you lay the foundation for a lasting bond with your newfound feline friend. May your journey be adorned with moments of pure joy, resonant purrs, and a lifetime of cherished memories.

At Luxury Kittens USA, we understand the significance of this decision. Our commitment is to do our utmost to match you with the perfect kitten. We go the extra mile by providing all necessary information about the kitten and its unique character. Our goal is simple: we only want the best families for our beloved kittens. Your journey into feline companionship is not just a transaction; it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship, and we are here to ensure it starts on the right paw.

with love, Luxury Kittens USA.