🌿 Why Viva Raw? Complete essential boost for your pet.

November 6, 2023

4:23 pm

Β  Hey there, health champs and wellness pals! Today, let’s chat about the incredible world of Viva Raw Food for your pets, a company that’s all about turning everyday sips and bites into a celebration of pure, raw joy. As a proud affiliate of Viva Raw, I’m super stoked to spill the beans on the story behind this awesome brand and the fantastic vibes that come with it!

In the heart of Charlotte’s raw food movement, Viva Raw emerged in 2020 as a pet food haven, founded by dedicated pet parents Jenn Wu and Zach Ao. Driven by their desire to provide the best possible life for their dog Karoo, they embarked on a journey to unravel the mysteries of pet nutrition. Frustrated by the lack of transparency among fresh food brands and the messy appearance of raw food options, Jenn and Zach pioneered Viva Raw to redefine the pet food landscape. In the midst of a pandemic, they boldly left their jobs, fueled by the mission to assist fellow pet parents on the quest for optimal nutrition for their furry companions.

Now, let me take you backstage and share the untold (well, not so untold☺️) story of their journey 😫. Navigating the challenges of 9-5 jobs while turning their kitchen into a nightly adventure zone, all for the love of providing our precious pets with a fresh and authentic diet. As they explored different raw food brands, what encountered was far from the wholesome experience they envisioned – instead, it was a messy ordeal with mushy textures galore.

The frustration didn’t end there. Unwittingly, Jenn and Zach found themselves settling for lower-quality meat, courtesy of companies that chose secrecy over transparency 😞. That was the tipping point, the moment something had to change.

“Just like you, we’re pet owners who hit a breaking point with the lack of openness in the world of fresh food brands. That breaking point fueled a determination to bring about a shift.”

viva raw food for cats

They recognized the vital importance of not just telling but showing you exactly what goes into your pet’s food. And that’s why Jenn and Zach proudly stand as the sole producers of chunked food – a visual feast for pet parents who, like them, believe in witnessing the wholesome goodness that nourishes our furry companions. 🐾

Given our shared commitment as pet advocates, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Viva Raw Food, making premium pet nutrition more accessible than ever. And here’s the cherry on top – we’ve secured an exclusive 20% discount for you on your first order as a gesture of our shared passion for providing the best for our furry friends.

Viva Raw Food doesn’t just offer affordability; their range is extensive, catering to every pet’s taste and dietary needs. Whether you prefer pure meat options like chicken, turkey, rabbit, beef, and duck, or you’re looking for hassle-free, ready-to-feed meals packed with essential nutrients – they’ve got it all. With grounded and chunked meal options, Viva Raw Food gives you the flexibility to choose what suits your pet’s preferences best. They offer free shipping on any order over $250, you may take advantage of that. Their food is very easy to store in the freezer, and it last a long time. Portion it out and freeze in small containers, pull out as you need and defrost.

Speaking of chunked meals, this innovative addition is a game-changer in the market, providing a fresh and exciting way to feed your pets. And guess what? Our kittens have seamlessly adapted to Viva Raw Food, making it our top recommendation for their forever homes. Each client of ours will get 20% exclusive offer with their pet to go home with.

And here’s the ultimate game-changer – when your pet transitions to a raw diet, it’s not just about what goes in; it transforms their entire well-being. Say goodbye to those dreaded smelly moments, as their digestive system undergoes a revolution. Raw meals work their magic by slowing down digestion, keeping your pet full for extended periods compared to traditional canned or kibble options. But the benefits don’t stop there – your pet’s fur becomes a testament to the incredible nourishment they’re receiving. Imagine it – full, silky, healthy fur that’s an absolute joy to touch. It’s not just pet food; it’s a recipe for a happier, healthier, and utterly pampered furry friend. 🐾✨

To kickstart your journey with Viva Raw Food and enjoy the 20% discount on your first order, simply follow this link. We’ve seen the positive impact it’s had on our pets, and we wholeheartedly believe in Viva Raw Food’s commitment to quality and transparency. A big thank you to Viva Raw Food for making our lives as pet owners a whole lot easier – we trust them, and we know you will too.


Here’s to happier, healthier pets and simplified pet parenting! πŸΎπŸ’š

with love, LUXURY Kittens USA.