Meadow – Scottish Fold kitten for sale in usa


Meet Meadow, an adorable Scottish Fold female kitten available for sale in Greer, SC. Meadow was born on April 6th and will be ready to go home in August. This playful kitten has a charming bear-like, chubby build and incredibly soft fur. Her curious nature makes her an exciting companion to have around. We offer delivery to all states in the USA, so don't miss the chance to bring Meadow's joyful presence into your home!

Status: Available

Breed: Scottish Fold/Straight

Gender: Female

How old am I?:

Color: Blue Golden Shaded ay 11 (spotted)

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Fur length: Shorthair

After this date I am ready to go home: 08/15/2024

State: South Carolina

Breeding option: Only Pet

Delivery options:

We offer several convenient delivery options to bring your kitten to their new home:

  • Car Delivery: Starting from $500, we provide safe and comfortable ground transportation for your kitten to your front door.

  • Air Delivery with USDA Licensed Pet Nanny: Starting from $900, you can choose to have your kitten accompanied by a USDA licensed pet nanny on a flight to your nearest airport.

  • In-Person Pickup: If you prefer, you're welcome to pick up your kitten in person.

Please let us know your preferred delivery option, and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements for a smooth and stress-free experience.


Introducing Meadow, a delightful Scottish Fold female kitten for sale in Greer, SC. Meadow was born on April 6th and will be ready to go home with her new family in August. This enchanting kitten possesses a playful and lively personality that is sure to bring endless joy to her new home. Meadow's charming bear-like, chubby build adds to her unique appeal, while her incredibly soft fur invites you to cuddle and pamper her. Her curious nature keeps her engaged with her surroundings, making her a fun and exciting companion to have by your side. Meadow thrives on interaction and enjoys playtime with her humans, creating cherished memories and laughter with every moment spent together. Whether she's chasing a toy or exploring new corners of the house, Meadow's spirited personality will captivate your heart. We offer delivery to all states in the USA, ensuring that Meadow can find her forever home no matter where you are located. By welcoming Meadow into your home, you are bringing in a bundle of joy and affection that will quickly become a cherished part of your family. Don't miss the opportunity to make Meadow a part of your life and experience the love and happiness she has to offer. Place your inquiry today and prepare to welcome Meadow's playful and affectionate presence into your home!