Kitten 6 – British Shorthair kitten for sale in North Carolina


Introducing our charming British Shorthair female kitten, a delightful feline proudly holding the title of the smallest in her litter. Born on December 26th, this sweet companion showcases a rare and exquisite golden shaded coat adorned with the unique NY11 coloring. Situated in the heart of Charlotte, NC, she stands ready to bring joy, warmth, and companionship to her new forever home. Embrace the opportunity to welcome this precious addition into your life!

Status: Available

Breed: British

Gender: Female

How old am I?:

Color: Black Golden Shaded ny11

Spayed/Neutered: No

Fur length: Shorthair

After this date I am ready to go home: 03/20/2024

State: North Carolina

Breeding option: Only Pet

Delivery options:

We offer several convenient delivery options to bring your kitten to their new home:

  • Car Delivery: Starting from $500, we provide safe and comfortable ground transportation for your kitten to your front door.

  • Air Delivery with USDA Licensed Pet Nanny: Starting from $900, you can choose to have your kitten accompanied by a USDA licensed pet nanny on a flight to your nearest airport.

  • In-Person Pickup: If you prefer, you're welcome to pick up your kitten in person.

Please let us know your preferred delivery option, and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements for a smooth and stress-free experience.


Allow us to introduce an enchanting member of our feline family, a British Shorthair female kitten with a captivating presence. Born on December 26th. Nestled in the vibrant city of Charlotte, NC, this sweet companion is prepared to bring an abundance of joy, warmth, and companionship to her fortunate new forever home. Her birthright is marked by a rare and exquisite golden shaded coat, showcasing the distinctive NY11 coloring. The interplay of light on her fur creates a visual masterpiece that immediately captures the attention of anyone fortunate enough to encounter her. It's a testament to her exceptional lineage, highlighting her as a truly distinguished representative of the British Shorthair breed. This little sweetheart British shorthair kitten,  is a dynamo of energy and curiosity. Whether playfully exploring her surroundings or engaging in delightful adventures, she exudes a youthful exuberance that promises to infuse vitality into any home. Her expressive round eyes gleam with intelligence, while her pert little nose twitches with excitement at the prospect of discoveries. Beyond her physical allure, our British Shorthair kitten possesses a gentle and affectionate nature. Quick to form bonds and with a purr that resonates like a soothing melody, she transforms any space into a haven of comfort. Her presence is a source of warmth and unconditional love, making her an ideal companion for those seeking a feline friend to share their lives. Located in the heart of Charlotte, NC, british shorthair kitten for sale,  this precious addition to our feline family is now seeking a loving family to call her own. Don't miss the opportunity to make her an integral part of your household, bringing with her the promise of joy, laughter, and enduring companionship. If you're in search of a feline companion that seamlessly blends rare beauty with an endearing personality, she is the perfect addition to grace your home with her presence. Embrace the chance to welcome this precious British Shorthair kitten into your life and witness the countless moments of happiness she is poised to bring.