Icy – British Shorthair white kitten for sale in South Carolina



Introducing Icy, the British Shorthair male kitten with a stunning silver chinchilla coat, born on August 3rd, 2023, in Greer, SC. Ready to join his new home after December 15th, Icy is a calm and reserved feline with a touch of shyness, adding a delightful charm to his personality. If you're seeking an elegant and gentle companion, Icy is the perfect choice. Reserve this enchanting kitten today and bring a touch of grace to your home.

Status: Sold

Breed: British

Gender: Male

How old am I?:

Color: Silver Chinchilla NS12

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Fur length: Shorthair

After this date I am ready to go home: 12/15/2023

State: South Carolina

Breeding option: Only Pet

Delivery options:

We offer several convenient delivery options to bring your kitten to their new home:

  • Car Delivery: Starting from $500, we provide safe and comfortable ground transportation for your kitten to your front door.

  • Air Delivery with USDA Licensed Pet Nanny: Starting from $900, you can choose to have your kitten accompanied by a USDA licensed pet nanny on a flight to your nearest airport.

  • In-Person Pickup: If you prefer, you're welcome to pick up your kitten in person.

Please let us know your preferred delivery option, and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements for a smooth and stress-free experience.


Enter the world of elegance with Icy, a British Shorthair male kitten that embodies grace and beauty. Born on August 3rd, 2023, in the heart of Greer, SC, Icy is a captivating feline with a stunning silver chinchilla coat, a unique blend of pristine white fur adorned with delicate grey tips. As winter approaches, Icy is not just any kitten for sale; he's a snow-kissed companion ready to warm your heart. Cattery in South Carolina takes pride in being a TICA-reputable breeder, committed to raising high-quality kittens with exceptional care and attention. Icy is a testament to the standards we uphold, ensuring that our kittens are not only visually striking but also come from a lineage of health and distinction. When you're searching for white kittens for sale, our cattery in South Carolina stands out as a trusted source for those seeking a feline companion with both beauty and pedigree. Icy's allure extends beyond his captivating appearance. This adorable kitten is ready to find a loving home after December 15th, making him the perfect holiday addition to your family. Despite his pristine exterior, Icy is more than just a pretty face; he possesses a calm and reserved demeanor, adding a touch of sophistication to his charming personality. His shy yet sweet nature makes him an ideal companion for those seeking a cute kitten near them that brings tranquility and elegance to their home. Living in South Carolina, Icy has been raised in a loving environment, ensuring he is well-socialized and ready to adapt to his new home seamlessly. Our commitment as a reputable breeder is to provide not just kittens in South Carolina but cherished additions to families looking for a delightful feline friend. Don't miss the chance to bring Icy into your home and experience the joy of having a British Shorthair kitten from a TICA reputable breeder in South Carolina. Contact us today to reserve this enchanting feline and make Icy a cherished member of your family. The holidays are just around the corner, and Icy is ready to bring his unique blend of beauty and charm to your home.