• Born 02/23/2023

    • available, ready to go home

    • $1800

scottish straight kitten

Are you looking for a new furry companion? Meet Nana, our charming Scottish Straight  Female Kitten in Black Golden Chinchilla color. With her striking markings and playful personality, Nana is sure to capture your heart.

If you’re a fan of golden cats, Nana is sure to delight you with her striking gentle fur. Scottish Straight¬† Kittens are known for their sweet nature and playful temperament, and Nana is no exception. With her soft, luxurious coat and expressive eyes, she’s sure to be the center of attention wherever she goes.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring home the charming Nana and enjoy the company of a loving and playful pet. Contact us today to learn more about adopting Nana or any of our other Scottish Straight Kittens.