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Conditions of the contract


 To initiate the purchase of the kitten, the buyer is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $500. If for any reason, the buyer decides not to proceed with the purchase of the kitten after having paid the deposit, including due to cat allergies, personal problems, or any unforeseen circumstances, the deposit will be forfeited. If the buyer decides to change the selected kitten, the deposit will also be forfeited.

    In the event that the seller is unable to provide the kitten for any reason, the deposit will be fully refunded.

  The seller will ensure that the kitten receives a complete round of vaccines up to date with the kitten’s age, deworming, and a health certificate from the local veterinarian. Additionally, the kitten will come with a TICA registration certificate, 1-month free insurance, and a supply of goodies. The seller also commits to providing lifetime support to the buyer. 

  The seller and breeder certify, to the best of their knowledge and based on a veterinary examination, that the kitten is in good health at the time of purchase for a period of 72 hours. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within the first 72 hours from pick up, at the expense of the buyer. If the buyer fails to complete this mandatory examination, this contract will be rendered null and void. Before the examination takes place, the kitten must be quarantined and not be in contact with any household animals.

  If within the 72-hour period, the kitten is found to have a serious medical condition, the seller will accept the return of the kitten and refund the payment along with the deposit, minus the shipping cost. Any shipping charges incurred during the transaction are non-refundable, as well as if payment is processed with a credit/debit card or bank transfer, any fees that occurred based on that are not refundable. To initiate the return process, the buyer must provide proof from a licensed veterinarian of the kitten’s medical condition, as well as an additional opinion from a second licensed veterinarian. The expenses incurred in obtaining these opinions shall be the responsibility of the buyer. 

   The kitten is not guaranteed against respiratory disease, stomach upsets, fleas, worms, ringworms, or any other common or nuisance diseases. After the initial 72-hour period, the seller cannot guarantee the kitten’s health, except for any congenital or hereditary conditions that may have been present at the time of purchase.

 The cattery guarantees that the cat/kitten is in good health and free of feline leukemia (FeLV) and other major diseases at the time of sale. However, once the initial 72-hour health guarantee period has expired or the cat/kitten has been exposed to another cat that has not been currently tested for FeLV/FIV, it cannot be returned. Proof of FeLV/FIV testing will be required for all other cats in the home before a return can be granted. 

 The seller guarantees the cat against lethal genetic or congenital defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If the cat dies during this period due to a genetic or congenital defect, the seller will replace the cat/kitten with a new one at the seller’s earliest convenience, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The buyer must provide the seller with a necropsy report by a licensed impartial Veterinary Pathologist, at the buyer’s expense, stating that the cause of death was unquestionably a genetic or congenital defect. 
  2. A second examination by a veterinarian of the seller’s choice must corroborate the claims made in the necropsy report. 
  3. If the kitten’s death was a result of the buyer’s negligence or lack of finances that resulted in improper medical care, the seller will not be liable for any refunds or replacement. 

    If the seller sees based on social media posts or conversations with he buyer, that the kitten is being neglected or abused, the seller has the right to take the kitten back without reimbursement at any moment. The seller reserves the right to report any abuse or neglect to the appropriate authorities. Any shipping cost that occurred based on the negligence of the kitten(plane tickets, pet nanny, or any other services) will be the responsibility of the buyer. 

  The buyer shall assume all veterinary expenses incurred after taking possession of the kitten. Declawing the kitten is strictly prohibited and if found to be done, the contract shall become void and the seller shall not be held liable for any future issues that may arise. The buyer agrees not to sell the kitten to a pet store or surrender it to an animal shelter under any circumstances.

  If the buyer decides to rehome the kitten, they must provide the seller with the information of the new owner, including their name, contact information, and address. This is to ensure that the kitten is going to a safe and suitable home and to assist in the process of registering the new owner with the appropriate governing bodies. The seller retains the right to refuse the transfer of ownership if the new owner is deemed unsuitable or if the terms of the contract have been violated. 

   Anytime the kitten is posted on social media, the name of our website, Luxury Kittens USA, must be mentioned. The mention must be in a good readable size, visible without the need to zoom in, and in a prominent location on the post. Additionally, the kittens’ full name must be added to the description of the post. Our social media account must also be tagged, depending on the social media platform used. This requirement is essential to promote our brand and the quality of our kittens to a broader audience. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the termination of this contract. 

  The customer agrees to contact Luxury Kittens USA directly and privately regarding any issues that may arise during the kitten buying process. The customer shall not post any negative comments or reviews publicly before contacting Luxury Kittens USA and attempting to resolve the issue through a private and confidential discussion. If the customer violated this condition by posting negative comments or reviews publicly without first contacting Luxury Kittens USA, it will be considered slander and result in a breach of this contract. As a result, the customer will be required to pay a fine of $5000 to Luxury Kittens USA for damages caused by the breach. 

   To ensure responsible breeding practices, the buyer agrees to have the kitten spayed by the age of 9 months. The buyer must provide proof of the spay procedure by submitting a receipt from a licensed veterinarian with the kitten’s name and registration number as stated on the TICA certificate, as well as pre-surgical and post-surgical photos. If the buyer fails to comply with this condition, the seller will be fined the original cost of the kitten due paid in 3 months after the contract is breached. 

  In the event of any legal action being taken against the buyer due to negligence towards the kitten or a breach of the contract by the buyer, all court expenses and lawyer expenses will be the responsibility of the buyer. Any court procedures must be carried out in the local court of the seller’s jurisdiction. 

     Care instructions

  During the first week, it is essential to provide the kitten with proper care to ensure a smooth transition into its new home. The kitten should be held in a small room, preferably without any other pets, and provided with a comfortable bed, litter box, food, water bowls, and a few toys for stimulation. The litter box should be placed away from the food and water bowls to encourage good hygiene habits.

  To help the kitten adjust to their new surrounding, it is recommended to spend plenty of time with them, offering gentle interactions and plenty of love and attention. This will help them feel safe and secure in their new environment.  It is important to ensure that the kitten is drinking enough water, dehydration can be a serious issue. 

  After the first week, the kitten can be slowly introduced to the rest of the living space in the house or apartment, allowing them to explore and become comfortable in their new home.

   Please be considerate when making the decision to let your pet cat outside. Letting cats roam freely outdoors can lead to various risks such as encounters with other animals, attacks by other cats or animals, being hit by a car, and even being stolen. Additionally, letting cats outside can lead to pest problems and increase the risk of contracting diseases. It is important to consider the safety and well-being of your cat before allowing them to roam outdoors.

   It is crucial for the health and well-being of the kitten to receive annual wellness exams and vaccine boosters from a licensed veterinarian. Failure to do so may result in health problems for the kitten and will void the contract between the buyer and the seller. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the kitten receives all necessary veterinary care on time. The seller will not be held responsible for any outcome that results from a failure to vaccinate the kitten as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. 

  The seller shall not be held responsible for any occurrences of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) in the purchased kitten, as FIP can occur in any cat, even with proper medical care and attention. The buyer acknowledges that they have been informed of the risks liable for any medical expenses or damages resulting from FIP or any other infectious diseases contracted by the kitten.

  Finally, a registration code will be provided to activate 1-month free insurance from Trupanion. This code will be sent to you 24 hours before the kitten pick-up time and will remain valid for 24 hours after the designated pick-up time window. We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to ensure that you are prepared in case of any unexpected emergencies.

    I express my gratitude for choosing Luxury Kittens USA as your source for a new family member. My hope is that your new furry friend will bring you abundant joy and love, along with countless kisses, cuddles, and cherished memories.

     Additional conditions may apply for breeding purposes. Please inquire within for more information and to receive a separate breeding contract. 

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